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How to create a link on your Linkzz

Link creation process is explained in detail below. This is the heart of the application where you add up your links together. During this process you can attach thumbnails to your links, pin any desired link to the top, reach to your analytics data, tag your links, change the order of your links and schedule them if needed. All these functions are explained in their own learn topics.

  • Log in to your Linkzz account. Go to Dashboard (Upper right corner on your screen)
  • Click 'Add New Link’ - a link editor will appear below;
  • Give your link a title, this will appear in the button on your Linkzz
  • Next, add a URL
  • Your link will now be live on your Linkzz, to hide this link simply click the toggle in the top right

How to create a link on your Linkzz

Still Problems ? Check below
What to do if your link is not showing on your Linkzz profile.
If a link is not displaying on your Linkzz it could be due to the following:
You have not added a title
Your link toggle is switched to 'off'
You have not added a valid URL (make sure to add http:// or https:// before the URL)
The link you have entered is considered to unsafe or malicious

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