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How to create multiple bio pages

Linkzz Pro user can create up to 6 different bio pages.

To create bio pages and manage them, follow these simple steps;

  • Log in to your Linkzz account. Go to Dashboard (Upper right corner on your screen)
  • Click the drop down menu on the right "Manage your bio pages"
  • Click on "+Add or Manage Bios"
  • Enter a username for the new page
  • Hit create
  • Choose the page you have created
  • Design the new page as you like

Multiple Bio Pages Linkzz

Manage Multiple Bio Pages Linkzz

Create Multiple Bio Pages Linkzz

Choose Bio Page Linkzz

Fill Bio Page Linkzz

Note: Every page has its unique Linkzz URL (linkzz.io/yournamehere) so they can be used separately. Share the link of the page you would like to use. For instance one page for videos, one page for your portfolio, one page for music etc.. Each page has its own design and analytics.

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