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Reaching to Analytics

Performance of your links are monitored with analytics feature. With Linkzz analytics; Click rate, click time, geographic info (from what country, city that your links are clicked from), platforms / devices your Linkzz account reached from (Mobile, Tablet, Desktop), referrals to your Linkzz account (Direct, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or other internet channels), Languages your visitors speak are reported. The data compiled can be exported in CSV format for further analysis.

You can have detailed analytics about your links and your Linkzz page (This is a Linkzz PRO feature)

  • Log in to your Linkzz dashboard
  • Click on "Lifetime Analytics" top bar.
  • Make necessary time adjustments

    Linkzz profile analytics

  • Or Click on the bar chart icon under your link.

    Linkzz links analytics

  • You can select Sessions (unique), Traffic Channels, Locations, Languages and Platforms.
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