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Convert tweet to image

Linkzz enables users to fetch Twitter messages from the Tweet URL

As you fetch the Tweet you can edit it in the Design Tool. Add background image, change the font, make collage of photos, emphasize the Twitter message in your own way.

Linkzz provides a smart solution to share Twitter messages as photo so that user doesn't need to take a photo of the Twitter screen in order to share it on social media or any other place throughout the internet.

Here is how it's done

  • Login to your Linkzz dashboard
  • Go to Links tab
  • Enter Tweet link title
  • Paste the URL of the Tweet you would like to fetch
  • Linkzz automatically understands that it is a Tweet URL
  • Click on Fetch the Tweet
  • Tweet message automatically opened in Design Tool
  • Edit the Twitter message as you like

Convert tweet to image

  • Click Save Changes on the top right corner
  • Click on Download Image
  • Share the Photo Tweet to anywhere you like

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