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How to add tags to your links

Powerful link tagging feature lets users to tag/label each link they create. By doing so your visitors will see the tags given just underneath the link that user created.

For instance; a user tagged 4 of his/her links as #video and has around 20 links on his/her list. When a visitor visit the list and click on the #video tag , only 4 of the video tagged links are shown on the list. This enables visitor to filter video content among other type of links. Visitor can always go back to full list by clicking on the @accountname on the top of the list underneath the profile avatar/photo.

  • Login to your Linkzz dashboard
  • Go to Links tab
  • Click on the tag icon under your link
  • Enter tags you wish to add
  • Click Save Changes
  • You are good to go!

Now you will see tags you have entered under your links. You can group your links under a tag.

For example if you have tagged 3 links with a video tag, as clicked on video you will see the three links filtered on the screen.

Add Tags

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