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How to share a Tweet on Instagram

Natively Instagram is a photo and video sharing application. By its nature it is not possible to share Twitter messages on Instagram unless Tweet's photo is taken.

However, Linkzz provides a feature where you can retrieve the Tweet message from its URL and open the message in its advanced design tool.

Tweet URLs are automatically sensed by Linkzz editor and their meta data along with the message itself fetched instantly.

Instagram Post - Linkzz

By the help of the design tool retrieved Tweet can be modified;

  • Change the font of the Tweet
  • Adjust size of the font
  • Change the background color of the Tweet
  • Add background image to the Tweet
  • Change brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, blur values
  • Create a collage with the photos and add the Tweet message over

Tweet to Instagram - Linkzz

When satisfied with the result Tweet can be downloaded as photo/image and can be shared on Instagram.

Sharing Tweets on your Linkzz account gives you further power to get detailed analytics over the Twitter message.

Tweet to Linkzz Design Tool

Tweet to Linkzz Design Tool Add Image

Tweet to Linkzz Design Tool Designing

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