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What is Linkzz?

Imagine you are an artist, blogger, influencer, internet lover, web administrator, promoter, social media manager or anyone like surfing the net.

You always come across with quality content ; Such as video, an article, internet meme, social media entry, news, website or something else you like.

However, you are looking for a way to combine all your likes under one link. This is where linkzz comes in handy.

Linkzz enables you to combine all your links under one. Moreover linkzz gives you the ultimate power to organize them, decorate them according to your preferences, get detailed analytics of your links, share your one link on any platform throughout internet. Features

Linkzz has an intuitive, straightforward user interface with a very easy learning curve. It contains an designer tool where you can shape your images used with your links populated.

Smart features like fetching twitter messages from URLs and convert them to photo images. Instant sharing options to your social media accounts and many more...

Linkzz can be used at free of charge forever and you can always upgrade to PRO version to unlock killer features. Get Started

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