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Links & Buttons
PRO $4.99 $59.88 / annual 7-day Free trial JOIN THE PROS
FREE $0 Forever free Basic SIGN UP FOR FREE
Add up unlimited links to your Linkzz account.
Decide which link goes on or off at specific date and time.
Pin a specific link to the top of your links.
Embed Youtube ,Vimeo etc.videos directly into your Linkzz account.
Mute or autoplay your video links.
Use powerful Linkzz design tool to style your images and thumbnails.
Add or create images with powerful Linkzz design tool to each of your links.
Link Meta Image
Get og meta image to use your links' thumbnail
Add tags to your links.
Tags Page
Specific page of each tags.
Social Icons
Add your social media accounts to your links list.
Convert your Twitter post to an image and share to Instagram.
Create Instagram Posts
Create Instagram Post by getting an url meta data. Edit and convert them to photo with Linkzz design tool.
Automatic sorting of links by popularity.
Customization Options
Hide our logo from your Linkzz.
Pre-designed Linkzz Themes
Use our pre-designed themes.
Premium Linkzz Themes
Use our premium Linkzz themes.
Change button colors and styles on your Links.
Change the font style on your links.
Choose a font that suits your design.
Single font style
Change your links' background, colors, upload your own images or choose from loyality-free photos
Inform users if there is sensitive content
Multiple Linkzz Bio Page Creation
Create up to 6 different Linkzz Bio page
Know how much traffic your Linkzz gets.
Custom date range + totals
Totals only
Links Click Rate
View which links get clicked and when.
Custom date range + totals
Locations & Languages
Discover the countries and websites driving the most traffic to your Linkzz.
Traffic Sources & Social Referrals
Devices, browsers and more...
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